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Comparison Between Dewalt DW088K and Dewalt DW089K

People often get confused when it comes to picking top rated laser levels of different kinds, especially those from the same brand but different model types. In this case, here we are to help you out by giving a detailed comparison between 2 models from Dewalt: DW088K and DW089K.

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Dewalt DW088K Vs. Dewalt DW089K Comparison


For most people who are moving a lot to complete their duty that they have to carry a laser level with them, portability is a major issue that should be considered thoroughly as we shouldn’t work with something way too heavy. Both models by Dewalt are a little bit heavy but portable, so you can always travel with them easily. You don’t need an extra case to pack them to travel, they can fit in any bag of yours.

The weight of Dewalt DW089K is about 4.19 pounds while DW088K weighs around 1 pound only. You will be able to feel the difference in weight when you try to lift them up. Hence, it will depend on you, which model is comfortable and suitable for you. It doesn’t matter if you are using a lighter model or a heavier one, because if you are not cautious while fixing them on the stand, it may get broken.

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To be honest, all models from the Dewalt brand always bring out the best performance, which is up to the mark, so it doesn’t really matter which model to choose. Both of the models are quite favorites in the market, but beginners and experts usually get confused when it comes to choosing one accordingly. But don’t worry, we will tell you some prominent features of performance by DW088K and DW089K so that you can make your own choice. We have checked and noticed that their performance are both quick, efficient, accurate, and precise in performance. Even if you are a starter with the best green laser level, you will be satisfied with the work.


If you are not willing to invest your money in a complex but helpful product and you are not sure about what decision to make. In this case, you should probably select DWO88K because its price is reasonable and you don’t have to think over and over again anymore.

DW089K is an expensive model, and we won’t recommend it for those who are using the laser level for the first time in their life, and not for those who want to stay on budget. However, DW089K is an amazing laser level for professional and experienced users.

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It may happen that a beginner will get confused after viewing so many models in the market, but we recommend you to read this laser level review of a certain model before deciding to buy it. It is advisable to invest in laser level to make your work perfect and accurate. This device tends to work for years if you can maintain it properly.




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