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Happy Hens & Highlands Farm Story 

I believe that God made us to be stewards of the Earth. As stewards it is our duty to love, respect, and to take care of His creation. I want to make sure that my cattle are happy and have the best life possible!


The Farm 

Nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina, is the home of Happy Hens & Highlands Farm. It is a small woman owned business established in 2014 – owned and operated by Emily Grace a Western North Carolina native. The farm is located near Asheville, NC.


The Fold is composed of Scottish Highlands and a few Scottish Highland crosses. They live outdoors in harmony with nature. They are interacted with daily, so they are very docile. The cattle are raised for registered breeding stock, show cattle, and to sell to hobby farms to use for mowing down pastures.

Happy Hens and Highlands started out by raising poultry for eggs. Then added cattle to the farm with the intentions of raising grass-fed beef. I quickly got too attached for that, and thanks to social media the farm was able to go in another direction. I now raise AHCA registered highland cattle for breeding stock. I also rescue unwanted or sick farm animals and help rehabilitate them and find them homes. The farm merchandise sales helps to keep the farm in business. It covers the food costs and the vet bills for the sick animals I have acquired.


I do not take our animals for granted. They have been given to us by our Creator and we are grateful for them!


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