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Please read before contacting about a calf

Just wanted to clarify a few things because there is lots of misinformation being shared on the cute animal social media pages about "mini cows".

1. They are Scottish highland cattle

2. These aren't miniature, the babies in the photos being held are all newborns. (this particular one in the photo was born in an ice storm and we had to dry him off before giving him back to his mother)

3. What people sell as mini Scottish highlands are a Scottish highland cross breed (usually mixed with Irish Dexter) who still can still weigh around 1,000 lbs and can be as tall as 42 inches when they reach maturity.

4. They are a heritage breed of cattle that are slower growing, short and stocky and get around 48 inches tall. They still can weigh as much as other breeds of cattle approximately 1,100 lbs females and 1,800 lbs males.

5. Yes we do sell them but not until when they are old enough to be weaned from their mothers. We will not sell a newborn baby!

6. They are cute and fuzzy but they still large animals and they can hurt you on accident. I get my toes stepped on frequently and it hurts!

7. The horns look scary but even polled cattle (ones without horns) can be dangerous. I tell people the horns are a visual reminder to be careful. They don't use their horns to hurt you, they help regulate body temperature, protect themselves, and scratch their back.

8. Please do some research on Scottish Highland cattle before deciding to purchase one. They need plenty of shade and water. They need pastures with trees. They don't do well alone, every cow needs a companion! They are wonderful animals but we want to make sure buyers understand the proper care, nutrition, environment, etc that they need.

9. NO we don't eat our cows. In Scotland they were bred as a dual purpose animal for meat and milk but all of ours are just beautiful pet lawn mowers.

Anyway after reading all this and if your still interested in purchasing one please private message us. We get so many comments they are overlooked but we do check our messages and try to respond to them all. We have calves available a few times a year and want to find them all amazing homes! Price varies per animal (based on age, bloodline, etc). Don't let distance be an issue. We are located in North Carolina but we can arrange transport throughout the United States and possibly Canada.

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